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Conseils Media : SeeMe Statement on Mental Health and Work

le 31 mars 2015

[SeeMe Scotland] Over the last few days there has been (...) detailed discussion in the media on Andreas Lubitz's history of mental illness and what possible affect this had on his actions. Much of the debate has focused on whether or not he should have been able to work as a pilot given he had a history of depression.

“The individual decisions of one man should not be used to persecute a huge number of people who help make up our society. “One in six people in work in the UK have experienced mental health conditions and hold positions at all levels within organisations, contributing positively to workplaces. “In these situations employers and employees both have a responsibility for ensuring the wellbeing of everyone involved.

“Employees have a duty to themselves and others to disclose if an illness has the potential to affect their performance and ability to carry out duties in their job.

“Employers need to consider what they can do to maximise support for their employees  whether that is getting help, treatment or looking at adjusted working arrangements.

“Rather than barring people with a history of mental illness from certain roles, as many people have called for in the past few days, we would call for more employers to look at the individuals involved, take a person centred approach and avoid discriminating against whole sections of society.

“To aid this employers need to have an infra-structure in place to support people who need advice, help and assistance, allowing people to feel safe to speak out openly, creating safer environments for all.”

Source See Me Scotland End Mental Health Discrimination