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What is article 12 and legal capacity

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) is a binding United Nations human rights treaty for persons with disabilities – Signed and ratified by almost all EU Member States and the EU itself.

Catégorie : documentaire
Genre : ,
Public : adultes
Durée : 0 à 10 min
Pays : Europe
Date de sortie : 2011-2015
Réalisation : Mental Health Europe

Article 12. of the UNCRPD wants to ensure that every person with disabilities including people with psychosocial disabilities may enjoy equal recognition before the law which requires legal capacity.
This short animated video seeks to explain what legal capacity is all about and recalls that everyone has the inherent right to make their own choices including people with psychosocial disabilities.
Find out more about MHE's work on Article 12 of the UN CRPD at www.mhe-sme.org