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Film : "Here one day"

le 9 septembre 2013

Kathy Leichter raconte, à partir des enregistrements audio laissés par sa mère bi-polaire après son suicide, le drame et la renaissance d'une famille new-yorkaise.

When filmmaker Kathy Leichtermoved back into the apartment she grew up in after her mother committed suicide, she discovered a hidden box of audiotapes. Sixteen years passed before she had the courage to delve into this trove,unearthing details that her mother had recorded about every aspect of her life from the challenges of her marriage to a State Senator, to her son’s estrangement, to her struggles with bipolar disorder. Playing like a Greektragedy, HERE ONE DAY is a bracing, visually arresting, emotionally candid film about a woman coping with mental illness, her relationships with her family, and the ripple effects of her suicide on those she loved.

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