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Article : Mental Health and Books, Teenagers Speak Out

le 13 février 2015

[The Guardian] Teen site members ShadowKissed Hannah and TheMileLongBookshelf on their struggles with OCD, panic attacks and agoraphobia, and how books helped them but there’s still so much more YA fiction can do

My name is TheMileLongBookshelf. Two weeks ago I finished a meeting I’d had with a mental health nurse, armed with a confidentiality form I’d signed without really knowing why, and a referral to a different mental health service that I’d agreed to but hadn’t been told much about. I’m a bookworm, and as I got into the car waiting for me outside I wished there were more Young Adult books featuring characters going through similar ordeals. Then, maybe the meeting and all of the meetings to come wouldn’t feel so scarily daunting and unfamiliar.

Source The Guardian