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Article : Shedding the light on mental illness and entrepreneurship

le 22 janvier 2016

[Foundr] Entrepreneurship is a crazy rollercoaster of a ride. There’s moments like the first dollar you make, or making it through your first year of operation, where you experience some fantastic, often dizzying, highs. But unfortunately there are the lows as well, and the fall is that much harder if you’re an entrepreneur struggling with mental illness.

An unpublished study by the University of California has found that entrepreneurs self-report on on mental health conditions like depression, substance abuse, and bipolar disorder more frequently that the general population.

Mental illness and entrepreneurship can be a toxic mix if left unchecked. Unfortunately while mental illness is slowly being recognised and accepted in the entrepreneurial world with events such as Failcon, many entrepreneurs are reluctant to speak up about their problems.

Unfortunately it means we have casualties like Jody Sherman, the founder and CEO of Ecomom, who committed suicide in 2013. He was about to turn 48 years old. His company ran out of cash and shut down a couple weeks after his death, despite the fact that it had raised $5 million just six months before. Eventually, Ecomom was acquired by etailz, Inc despite the fact that it shut down.

Source Foundr