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Témoignage : I’m pregnant and I have an eating disorder

le 26 août 2015

[The Globe and Mail] Leila remembers shoving her finger down her throat until her lunch emptied into the toilet. She hoped the baby growing inside her, now six months along, would be okay.

It would be easy to dismiss this scenario as something that never happens. It’s hard to understand how any mother would deny her growing baby the nutrients it needs to thrive. In fact, for women like Leila, who have struggled with a history of eating disorders, anxiety or body image, pregnancy is a high-risk time for this mental-health issue to resurface. It can even affect women who have never been diagnosed with an eating disorder.

“The only [people] who knew I had an eating disorder during my pregnancies were my husband and my eating-disorder counsellor,” says Leila, who agreed to be interviewed on condition of anonymity. “I felt it was a form of child abuse and I did not want people to judge me. I was scared about what would happen to my babies and how this disorder would affect them. The only way I justified my behaviour was by thinking that some women naturally throw up during pregnancy.”

Source The Globe and Mail