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Angleterre : Why I am not brave to talk about my depression

le 25 mars 2015

[Time to change] A lot of people like to believe we live in an age and a society where we are all very grown-up and mature about mental health. The sad truth is that mental health stigma still exists. I know this because I have experienced it.

I am especially aware of this at the moment because I have been talking a lot about my experience of depression recently - I've just published my book Reasons to Stay Alive , which is about my experience of mental health problems. One question that comes up a lot, one that came up recently, when I was interviewed and asked with an innocent smile, is the ‘do you find it hard, talking about it?’ Or I just get the comment ‘you are so brave’.

I mean, if someone, is talking about their asthma or broken leg or skin cancer, they might say they are brave in dealing with the illness or affliction but not with talking about it. Depression is an illness, not a crime, not a secret lover, not a taste for Nazi memorabilia. It is not something to confess. I have no idea why people should act like there is shame around people who experience depression, when depression is never a person. It is merely something that happens to a person.

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