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Etats-Unis : Love, Liberty and Psychiatric Hospitalization

le 27 septembre 2015

[Mad in America] This article is not going to be about the evils of psychiatric hospitalization or medication.  It is about a love story that happened many years ago. It is a story about two people trying to survive in our world and manage within the psychiatric system. It’s a story of two individuals with their own pain and triumphs: Pierre and Shelly.

I met these two when I was a psychiatry resident at a major psychiatric hospital. Pierre had been hospitalized on the ward where I was working, and the treating staff on the ward were called to a meeting to discuss the situation of Pierre and Shelley.
ierre had been diagnosed years before as being schizophrenic. He met Shelley, who had been diagnosed as being intellectually challenged and as having occasional psychotic episodes, at the hospital about seven years prior to my meeting them.

From that time on they had been inseparable. The problem, as seen by hospital administrators, was that Pierre would often stop taking his medication when he was living with Shelley, but when he would be admitted to hospital, he would not stay as he wished to be with her. A similar story was told of Shelley. It was felt that she would be unstable when with Pierre, but would not be without him.

Source Mad in America