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Ghana : Mission to Save Minds

le 20 octobre 2015

[The New York Times] For more than a year, Rebecca Ajadogbil had been living alone in her head, convinced that strange men were coming to capture and murder her.

Confined to a room in her family’s mud-walled compound here, not far from the border with Burkina Faso, she was hundreds of miles from the nearest psychiatric ward. Those closest to her suspected that she was possessed and called in local healers, who plied her with herbal brews and chanted incantations over her.

But in a stroke of fortune that is vanishingly rare in rural West Africa, a local nonprofit heard about her and sent a nurse on a motorbike who, with the family’s permission, started Ms. Ajadogbil on a generic drug that treats schizophrenia. She began feeling strangely different.

Source The New York Times