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Royaume-Uni : Inside Britain's Mental Health Crisis

le 4 mai 2015

[Vice] It was Kerry's "worst breakdown". She was 27 years old and convinced she had to set herself on fire to save the world. Now she was wrestling with the lid of a petrol can.

Kerry knew she was really ill. She'd had schizoaffective disorder since she was 19. She could spot the warning signs. She'd already tried, and failed, to get help from her GP and other services. Eventually, feeling unable to stay safe, she went to A&E in the middle of the night and pleaded to be admitted. She was told that a bed couldn't be found and sent home with the promise that a mental health team would visit in the morning.

"I was lucky. I couldn't get the lid off the petrol can. It was stuck shut. So that's kind of why I'm still here. Three days later I was sectioned. The whole thing really damaged my trust in services. I kept asking for help but no one was really doing anything."

Source Vice