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Suède : Divorce et troubles de l’alcoolisme

le 22 juin 2017

[The Mental Health] Le divorce représente souvent une période psychologiquement pénible, nécessitant un ajustement significatif. En 2013, il y a eu plus de 25 100 divorces en Suède, le chiffre le plus élevé pour le divorce depuis 1975. La recherche épidémiologique a constamment démontré une association entre le divorce, la consommation d'alcool et le risque de troubles de l'alcoolisme. (en anglais)

Divorce has been the subject of many a Hollywood movie, epic novel and heart-wrenching country ballad. Perhaps, this is not so surprising considering that divorce is rated only after “Death of a spouse” as the second most stressful life event (Holmes and Rahe, 1967). Divorce often represents a psychologically distressing period, requiring significant adjustment.

Whist in the UK, divorce rates have steadily declined over the past 10 years across all age groups, Sweden has seen a record increase in divorce in recent years. In 2013, there were over 25,100 divorces in Sweden, the highest figure for divorce since 1975.

Epidemiological research has consistently demonstrated an association between divorce, alcohol consumption and risk for alcohol use disorder (AUD) (Grant et al, 2015; Kessler et al, 1998). Compared with married individuals, divorcees:

However, the mechanisms underlying the association between alcohol-related problems and divorce are poorly understood. Possible explanations include:

Source The Mental Health